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Hotspot: A final 'cheers' to summer at The Dream Away Lodge

Hotspot: A final 'cheers' to summer at The Dream Away Lodge

By Stephanie Gravalese, Special to The Eagle

Originally Posted Friday, October 6, 2017 1:58 pm on

Details: The Dream Away Lodge, l1342 County Road, Becket. Open 5 to 9 p.m., Friday through Sunday. Bar open 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. 413-623-8725 or

Recipe for success:
 If you're looking to catch one last piece of summer, make sure to stop by the Dream Away Lodge. This hotspot is a Berkshire staple that consists of a bit nostalgia, dash of hometown pride and some of that magic that makes the summer months worth waiting for. Whether you head inside immediately or gather by the outdoor fire, chances are, you'll have a chance to mix and mingle with the area's visitors, locals or even a celebrity or two. The famous, or infamous, have known to gather at the Dream Away: a visit from Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie and Company in the 1970s solidified its iconic place in Berkshire lore. 

What we can't get enough of: Whether you are coming for dinner or to catch some late-night music, the disco-inspired light-up bar is the perfect first stop. My recent visit included a visit to the bar and then to catch some of Johnny Irion's set. As you approach the bar, take your time to absorb all of the decor, signage, antiques and ephemera spread around the 200-year-old farm house. Proprietor Daniel Osman's crew at the bar have come up with a thoughtful cocktail list that captures the spirit and the unpredictability of the venue. Cocktails run the gamut from classic to the craft. The salacious Hilltown Hooker (vodka, fresh lemon juice, ginger liqueur and bitters) is my go-to. Another favorite is the Porch Swing — a Southern-style Pimm's cup (gin, Pimm's No. 1, lemonade, soda and cucumber). I'm always excited to see mocktails or low alcohol-by-volume drink options on a menu and the team at the Dream Away come through — (because, hey, sometimes you want to enjoy the vibe, but still drink more than water!).

Craft Cocktail at The Dream Away Lounge
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